Browning Automatic Shotgun Serial Numbers

Browning automatic shotgun serial numbers

Produced by F.N., John M. Browning ordered 10,000 of these shotguns in his first order. What is the Value of browning 2000 auto gas operated shotgun 12 Gauge serial number 11198 c37? view-listing.php?id=101766 Price: $325obo. cleveland, Ohio. The year of production of your browning shotgun is 1928. The Browning Auto-5, or A-5, is a semi-automatic shotgun. I have recently picked up two Twelvettes and a Twentyweight. Auto 5 Consecutive Serial Number Prewar Grade III & IV. for sale in category Browning Shotguns > Autoloaders > Hunting offered by Rod Fuller: Auto 5 CONSECUTIVE.

To determine exactly what model of Browning A-5 you have, you must find the shotgun's serial number. Browning Semi-Automatic Five Shotgun (A-5) F.N. production began at serial number 1 in 1902. I am having trying to get the gun's dates of manufacture off of the Browning USA site. Produced by F.N., John M. Browning ordered 10,000 of these shotguns in his first order. Exact Location: "parma heights" i have a mossber 500 blackwatwer edition up for sale. this is tactical.

Belgian browning shotgun serial numbers

Technical Information > Technical Questions & Information. BlackGun *TFF Staff* Posts: 3612 (4/1/02 5:06:30 pm) Reply. The Browning Auto 5's do need regular maintence though, About every 15 years or. Autographed books on Browning Auto 5 Shotguns the Belgian FN Production by H.M. Shirley and Anthony Vanderlinden The browning hi-power today: dominant high-capacity pistol no. Answer The serial number will be located on the bottom side of the gun where the wood stock meets the metal of the gun.

Approx value of Belgian made Browning 22 LR, Serial # T57918: Browning A5-16 gauge. I have a Belgian made Browning,semi automatic shotgun serial #124590. What is the value of Belgian Browning 16ga Standard Weight gun in 70-80 percent finish with a pad - Serial Number 107539. Very nice gun it will serve you well for many years. Serial number 36000 had been produced, says gun historian R. Blake Meanwhile, some 319000 Belgian Hi.

Belgium browning shotgun serial numbers

Guns, Firearms, Projectile Weapon Sports: Belgium Browning Trombone 22, licence details, serial number, cheers. BlackGun *TFF Staff* Posts: 3612 (4/1/02 5:06:30 pm) Reply. I have a 12 gauge browning auto 5 I just picked up in a trade and I need to know what its worth. Subject: Browning belgium: Date: 06-09-2004: Author: boubuster: Reply: I am having no luck trying to Identify my Browning shotgun.

In 1977, Browning added pump (slide-action), bottom load/ejection. Since 1878, Browning has forged ahead in the area of innovative and quality firearms creation. Best Answer: serial numbers 33001 through 48000 were built in 1926. The 79442 on the bottom of the rec r is the serial number. If you have a Browning auto-5 shotgun,then with the serial number that you supplied your shotgun was made by FN of Belguim for.

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